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Benign prostatic hypertrophy is a common condition among aging men, and it is caused by changes in hormone balance and in cell growth.

What Are The Symptoms?
BPH causes urinary problems such as: a weak urine stream, trouble getting a urine stream started and completely stopped, and the frequent sensation of needing to urinate.

In rare cases, BPH may cause the bladder to be blocked, making it extremely hard to urinate. This problem may cause urinary retention, which can lead to bladder infections or kidney stones. BPH does not cause prostate cancer and does not affect a man's ability to have children.

Diagnosis and Treatment
We can diagnose BPH by asking questions about your symptoms, past health, and by doing a physical exam. Tests may include a urine and blood test, as well as a digital rectal exam, which will allow the doctor to feel the size of your prostate. If your symptoms are mild to moderate and do not bother you much, home treatment may be all that you need to help keep them under control.

Depending on the cause of your enlarged prostate, simple medications can often be effective in reducing the size of the gland. If medication is not successful at relieving your symptoms, we will move to more aggressive therapy options.

Another option we can use to treat BPH is to shrink the prostate gland externally using lasers or microwaves. These lasers will destroy portions of the gland and therefore reduce the size of the gland. HIFU can also be used and is more precise than the other therapy options. HIFU also causes fewer side effects, due to its precision and accuracy. In rare cases, surgery may be used to treat BPH by removing a portion of the gland.

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